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My Brain Fell Out and Landed on My Keyboard

6 July 1981
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I think you can get to know a lot more about me by reading my LJ than by reading my User Info, but I'll give you something to start with.

I been married (to hatulzooz) since April 20, 2002. Our son Niv was born October 22, 2006, our son Shai was born December 17, 2008, our son Gil was born September 5, 2011, and we also have two cats Jacy and Ari. Our third cat T'Pol died on December 7, 2009 at the age of 7-1/2.

We moved from the Philadelphia suburbs to San Diego County in March of 2007.

I graduated from Bryn Mawr College in 2003 with a degree in Religion. I now have a $100,000 piece of paper hanging on my wall. Actually, it's in my closet. I have a part-time job, which has nothing to do with my degree. I'm a transcriptionist.

I consider myself economically and socially liberal on most issues, but also centrist on some things. I'm sure I fit somewhere along the complex political spectrum that is America today. I'm a registered Democrat.

I've become very interested in birth, breastfeeding, and other baby-related issues. I wrote a breastfeeding book, available on Kindle, here: The "Yes, It's Normal!" Guide To Breastfeeding. I also keep a blog on the same topics.

So, in summary: My LJ is partly a diary, partly a place to post my random musings, and partly a place for me to make observations. Some posts are friends-only. There's nothing intensely personal, but there is a lot about me and my life in general, as well as news items that catch my eye, and points for debate or discussion. If you friend me, could you leave a comment to say hi? I'll most likely friend you back, but I like to know how people find me. :)

I maintain learn_hebrew, breadpastarice, amusingwords, whyamiweird, and special_diets. breadpastarice and whyamiweird are pretty much dead, but feel free to hop over and check them out anyway. special_diets needs more members to start working for people, so go check it out!

Updated 10/25/11.